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In my daily work with Team I put emphasis on the flexibility and communication. I know how important are these factors for the employee and I have knowledge about their impact on the efficiency of the company.

My employees satisfaction reflects in the condition of the entire organization. If you are looking for challenges and personal development in the IT sector in friendly atmosphere and without corporate environment, you will find it in the DB-Team.

Bartek Modzelewski

How to join the team?

Send your CV
Short telephone interview
Meeting with HR Specialist
Meeting with the leader
Welcome to the Team!


If your passion is programming and you would like to develop your skills, gain experience and work, apply for an internship! It would be a pleasure for us to share our knowledge with you. We will introduce you to the IT world and we will hope for long-term cooperation. Each internship is a paid.

(train with the use of frameworks)
Junior PHP Developer
(train with programming in PHP)
PHP Developer
(work on projects in an international environment)

From Trainees we expect:

Basic knowledge of programming in PHP
Availability min. 20h per week
English language proficiency
Enthusiasm and a desire to deepen their knowledge

At internship:

You will learn how the daily work of PHP Programmer looks like
You will take part of large international projects under the guidance of an experienced team
Duration of internship is dependent on the skills, we expect 1 to 3 months
You will get a chance to develop in our team!
To report a willingness to participate in an internship, visit the "Send CV" where you will find the data to the HR Specialist. In the subject line type "INTERNSHIP".
Remember, we are open to any proposal, so do not hesitate!

Send CV

Your resume and questions about the job / internship send on e-mail address or you can also contact with us by phone.

If you have not found a suitable job advertisements, I invite you to send your CV anyway. DB-Team is a company which focuses on the expectations of the employee / candidate and your idea of ​​cooperation has a chance to find a place in our company.