DB Team

We implement passion, ambition and success


Web application development
Symfony, Magento, eZ Publish / eZ Platform experts

We use popular Content Management Frameworks (CMF), for example, eZ Publish / eZ Platform. We're specialists in e-commerce solutions, like Magento 1 & Magento 2. Web frameworks, such as Symfony 2 & 3 or Laravel don't have any secrets for us.

As an experienced group of PHP developers, we would like to offer you an application that suits your needs.



Team extension

You can hire our developers to work on your tasks. Our software house can become "extension" of your group. Our programmers can work on the portal in the same way as your employees. Communication is done with SCRUM process management.

Project maintenance

Do you have an existing PHP website and you want to maintain it? We can help! We can keep your PHP secure, regular plan backup's and check the web content, like broken links. We can update information, analyze stats and SEO rank.


Frontend work

We provide a wide range of frontend services: prepare templates to the existing CMS / CMF / e-commerce, create a whole new structure, change only part of a design or fix bugs. We can adapt your design for mobile devices and implement RWD.

We can do site audits!

You've got a problem with your PHP website? It's really slow
and you don't know why? Our software house
can fix it and solve your problems!


DB Team

Who we are?

DB Team is a UE based group engaged in the implementation of CMS and e-commerce systems using Magento platform, Symfony and eZ Publish / eZ Platform.

We are software house gathering experienced professionals, creating ambitious web services for demanding customers. Our skills we have developed in large, international web agencies, so now we can benefit knowledge and make better services.

In our daily work, we focus on one of the best open source and e-commerce systems available on the market, created in PHP. Working with them for years, we are able to use every one of them in an optimal way, to fit into customer requirements, propose the most appropriate selection, and finally, deliver a high-quality product. Our software house can make manufacturing the entire website, as well as support in the implementation of each of these technologies.


Why choose us?


8 years of experience

We have implemented dozens of PHP and e-commerce implementations, simple and complex over this time. We have the experience to take on any new PHP portal.


Great programmers

Our software house is made by many programmers with more than 10 years experience, complemented by young people with great passion and dedication.


International cooperation

We work mainly for European clients from different countries. Language or cultural differences are not a barrier. Frequent conversations with customers are made through video and audio-calls, we also meet directly to discuss the tasks.



Our technological stack