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What do we offer?

We are software house specialized in Magento & eZ Publish, but we can do much more! We offer a wide range of services related to create, maintain and manage websites. It all depends on your needs. We can create a whole new design from a scratch, create a new template for existing project or handle the backend fixes. We can prepare new subpages, forms, email templates or take care of SEO rankings.

How can you cooperate with our company? Please contact us by email or phone.  We can prepare an offer to meet your requirements.

Team extension

You can hire our developers to work on your tasks. Our software house can become "extension" of your group. Our programmers can work on the portal in the same way as your employees. Communication is done with SCRUM process management.

Project maintenance

Do you have an existing PHP website and you want to maintain it? We can help! We can keep your PHP secure, regular plan backup's and check the web content, like broken links. We can update information, analyze stats and SEO rank.

Frontend work

We provide a wide range of frontend services: prepare templates to the existing CMS / CMF / e-commerce, create a whole new structure, change only part of a design or fix bugs. We can adapt your design for mobile devices and implement RWD.

Case study: team extension

You've got own project manager
and a large project in the development phase
You would like to share job
and find a backend dev
Or a frontend dev
You can call us and find out our offer
We will work on your rules
and together we will make a great project

Case study: project maintenance

You've got existing website
but you're afraid that after some time the project may be destroyed
You would like to protect it
You can call us and find out our offer
We can maintain your project

Case study: frontend on existing project

You've got existing website for a long, long time...
It works ok, but it looks... not very modern
we can change it
we can prepare fresh, modern design to your website
and make it look stunning

Case study: frontend from a scratch

You would like to prepare new website
You've got idea how should it looks, but you would like to preapre frontend
we can manage it
we can discuss details
and code HTML/ JS/ SASS/ CSS design for your project

Case study: responsive website

Your website is not well-prepared for mobile devices
You would like to enable all users to display your site correctly
we can prepare great RWD design for existing website!
Your Google ranks will rise
and you'll reach to a wider group of customers