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Let's make
website audit

check if you can improve your website

Why you need a website audit?

The audit is performed to verify the correctness of the website implementation. Technology is constantly changing. The website that was created a couple of years ago, today may be outdated. Perhaps there are security gaps, or maybe a user experience doesn't match today's standards? Maybe you need only a few simple steps to make your site better.

By following the guidelines of proper website implementation, you will ensure higher SEO rankings. It will be easier to find your website, so you will increase the reach of viewers.

Probably you're browsing many websites. Remember how frustrating is browsing slow websites, without responsiveness or with broken links. If your website is not working properly, the same user experience will have people who are browsing your website. Ensure the highest quality of your website. We can help you!

You can contact us. We will answer as soon as possible and present a detailed offer.

What do we check (for example) ?
Your eZ Publish is slow?

We check many important parts of eZ Publish and eZ Platform
websites to ensure security, performance and usability.

Your Magento is slow?

You've got a problem with your Magento website? It's really slow
and you don't know why? We can fix it and solve your problems.