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About Magento audit...

We check many important parts of Magento to ensure security, performance and usability. There are few example tasks which are being performed:

  1. Check Magento modules installed in the project. Check versions of modules, if they need to be updated. Are they necessary in the project?
  2. Check if core Magento files are modified, if so - create modules, which properly override Magento code, containing website functionality and enable to update Magento to a newer version.
  3. Detect and delete unnecessary files.
  4. Detect and remove potential bugs.
  5. Make a list of errors and warnings reported by PHP and fix them.
  6. Detection of "dead code" areas - code that is never executed and can be removed without losing the functionality of the page. Such code cause increases the load on the page.
  7. Check the site for potential security gaps.
  8. Evaluate the performance of the site from the backend and frontend.
  9. For each point, we present a short (~ 2 sentences) characteristic and estimate the time needed to make the necessary changes.
  10. Finally, you'll get a full report of audit.

What do we check (for example) ?