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About eZ Publish audit...

We check many important parts of eZ Publish and eZ Platform websites to ensure security, performance and usability. There are few example tasks which are being performed:

Security analysis. To avoid data leakage we check
eZ Publish version upgrade and available security fixes recommendations
access to modules which present too many system informations for anonymous users
database queries which can be sensitive for sql injection
partial server configuration to ensure that at least basic security like SSL encryption is provided

Performance analysis. To ensure page is loading quicky we check:
number of queries on each page to check the server usage
configuration of „ViewCache” and „TemplateCache” to ensure that cache is used as often as it's possible
javascripts and stylesheets quality and loading method
templates structure and variables definitions
database queries performance
fetching functions parameters and logic

Flexibility analysis. To ensure both backoffice and front-end user-friendly environment we check:
operators used to display images and URLs to allow domain independent environment
translations settings and usage to allow mulitlangual usage
modifications of eZ Publish kernel and custom content attributes to allow future updates

Code quality. To ensure efficient and developer-friendly environment we check:
PHP Standards Recommendations
eZ Publish recommendations for structure of classes, modules, operators and handlers
What do we check (for example) ?